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New Folk Finalist History Complete from 1976 through 2021!!!

This Data has been successfully copied to the KFF website as of the 2020 Competition. Thanks to Cheyanne for her help in taking care of the transition!! ((hugs)) The Festival will now be responsible for the history, although I will continue to update the Finalists and Winners on this page as long as I am able. The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance provided for this project from Deanne Dirden, John Eddleman, Emily Lively, Bernie Robinson et al... !! Go to the bottom of the page for the notes about discussions in progress on missing info as well as additional credits for those who have supplied missing information and history.

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New Folk History talk by Rod Kennedy at New Folk Winners Concert 2010

The Early Years - Recollections of various early participants

(Club Seven Performers Sundown Concert Sign-up Sheet from June 1, 2006)

(Club Seven Performer Pictures from June 1, 2006 on Jim Dirden's website)


Competition was held virtually in October since the 2020 Festival was postponed

The number of finalists was reduced to 24 as well.
Saturday 10/20/20

Eliza Edens (Williamstown, MA)?
T Buckley (Calgary, Alberta CA)?
Aubryn (Nashville, TN)
Andy Baker (Gobles, MI)? (winner)
Sadie Gustafson-Zook (Boston, MA)
Ryan Davenport (Taylor, TX)
China Kent (Denver, CO)
Nick Depuy (New Canaan, CT)
Louise Mosrie Coombe (Williamsburg, MA) (winner)
Chad Elliott (Lamoni, IA)
Justina Shandler (Roanoke, VA)
Russ Parrish (Burnsville, MN)

Sunday 10/11/20

John John Brown (Pawling, NY) (winner)
Claire Kelly (Nashville, TN)
Michael Prysock (Dallas, TX) (winner)
Shanna in a Dress (Boulder, CO) (winner)
Daniel Elixir (Brixey, MO)
Nancy Beaudette (Cornwall, Ontario, CA)
Clint Alphin (Nashville, TN)
Anne E. DeChant (Avon Lake, OH)
Alex Wong (Nashville, TN)
Susan Cattaneo (Medford, MA)
Jeremy Facknitz (Colorado Springs, CO)
Abigail Lapell (Toronto, Ontario, CA) (winner)

Judges: Judges: Tom Prasada-Rao Stuart Adamson Bernice Lewis
Emcee: Hillary Adamson

Saturday 5/25/19

Scott Sean White (Terrell, TX)
Lynne Hanson (Ottawa, Ont CAN)
Lisa Bastoni (Northampton, MA) (winner)
John Louis (Minneapolis, MN)
Angela Parrish (Los Angeles, CA)
Jordi Baizan (Houston, TX)
Lyndy Butler (Hurricane, UT)
Nancy Beaudette (Shirley, MA)
Aaron Smith (Harrison, AR) (winner)
Joanna Howerton & Michael Cross (Austin, TX)
Scott Mulvahill (Nashville, TN) (winner)
Liv Greene (Washington DC) (winner)
D.B. Reilly (New York, NY) (winner)
Katy Vernon (Minneapolis, MN)
Eric Kilburn (Acton, MA)
Cari Ray (Nashville, TN)

Sunday 5/26/19

Michael Braunfeld (Philadelphia, PA)
Avery Hill (Portland, OR)
Amanda Pascali (Houston, TX)
Claudia Gibson (Wimberley, TX)
Daniel Neihoff (Paducah, KY) (winner)
Rick Frydman (Lawrence, KS)
Hope Dunbar (Utica, NE)
Karen Dahlstrom (Brooklyn, NY
) Beth Snapp (Kingsport, TN)
Sophie Buskin (Brooklyn, NY)
James Wyatt Martin (Austin, TX)
Clementine Volker (Holland)
Gordon & Christy McLeod (Garland, TX)
Alice Howe (Newton, MA)
Kyle Donovan (Boulder, CO)
Sarah Jane Nelson (Star City, AR)

Judges: Joe Crookston, Rebecca Loebe, Ellis Delaney

Left to Right: Daniel Aaron Neihoff, D.B. Rielly, Lisa Bastoni, Scott Mulvahill, Aaron Smith and Liv Greene (photo by Neale Eckstein)

Saturday 5/26/18

Scott Cook - Sherwood Park, ONT
Ian Flanigan - Saugerties, NY
Izzy Heltai - Boston, MA
Hope Dunbar - Utica, NE
Michael Braunfeld - Villanova, PA
Sarah Morris Saint Paul, MN (winner)
Mac Leaphart - Nashville, TN (winner)
Helene Cronin - Plano, TX (winner)
T. Buckley - Calgary, ALB
Cari Ray Nashville, IN
Dave Ray Cecil - Greensboro, NC
Rich Krueger - Evergreen Park, IL (winner)
Kora Feder - Brooklyn, NY
Austin MacRae - Ithaca, NY
Clint Alphin Nashville, TN
Susan Cattaneo Medford, MA

Sunday 5/27/18

Teghan Devon - Myersville, MD
Rupert Wates - New York, NY
Angela Easterling - Greer, SC
Chad Elliott - Lamoni, IA
Ezra Vancil - Dallas, TX
Kelly Augustine - Centennial, CO
Aaron Nathans - Chester Heights, PA
Scott Fab - Royal Oak, MI
Andrew Dunn - Lebanon, NJ
Brittany Jean - Brewster, WA
Ben Bedford - Springfield, IL (winner)
Jerry Green - Phoenix, AZ
Frankie Zwick - Nashville, TN
John R Butler - Matlacha, FL (winner)
Erinn Peet-Lukes - Boulder, CO
Prateek Poddar - Weston, MA

Judges: Pierce Pettis, Jamie Michaels, Betty Soo

Left to Right: Ben Bedford, Sarah Morris, Rich Kreuger, Helene Cronin, John R Butler and Sam Leapheart (photo by Neale Eckstein)

Saturday 5/27/17

Hadley Kennary - Nashville, TN
Ordinary Elephant - Austin, TX
Wendy Colonna - Buda, TX
John John Brown - Winter Garden, FL
Letitia VanSant - Baltimore, MD (winner)
Catherine Miles & Jay Mafale (The Yayas) - Greenlawn, NY
Arlon Bennett - Tappan, NY
Heather Styka - Chicago, IL
Lyndy Butler - Hurricane, UT
Chris Moyse - Nashville, TN (winner)
Chris Petersen - Cedar City, UT
Jefferson Clay - San Antonio, TX
Ingrid Graudins - Nashville, TN (winner)
Emily Barnes - Johnsonburg, NJ
Ben Shannon - Pittsburgh, PA
Robin Bienemann - Oak Park, IL

Sunday 5/28/17

Shawn Byrne - Nashville, TN
Rachael Kilgour - Duluth, MN (winner)
The Whispering Tree - Beacon, NY
Mila Maring-Sims - Alto Pass, IL
Isaac Hoskins - Denton, TX
Mary Bragg - Nashville, TN
Mia Rose Lynne - Nashville, TN (winner)
Rich Krueger - Evergreen Park, IL
Teghan Devon - Myersville, MD
Kelly Hoppenjans - Nashville, TN
Dana Sipos - Guelph, ONT
Martin Kerr - Edmonton, ALB
Angela Parrish - North Hollywood, CA
Brian Pounds - Austin, TX
Andy Baker - Gobles, MI
Winona Wilde - Bridgenorth, ONT

Judges: Amy Speace, Dan Navarro, and Jeff Black

Left to Right: (photo by Neale Eckstein) Chris Moyse, Rachel Kilgour, Mia Rose Lynne, Letitia VanSant, Ingrid Graudins, Winona Wilde

Saturday 5/28/16

Annalise Emerick - Nashville, TN
Rachel Laven - San Antonio, TX (winner)
Ro Colegrove - Jamaica Plain, MA
Mike Laureanno - Providence, RI
Donal Hinely - Springfield, TN
Kirsten Maxwell - Huntington, NY
The River Has Many Voices - Austin, TX
Karyn Oliver - New York, NY
Heather Mae - Washington DC
Kelley McRae - Austin, TX
Justin Farren - Sacramento, CA (winner)
Annika Bennett - Breezy Point, NY
Dear June - Boston, MA
Michael Braunfeld - Philadelphia, PA
Bob Hillman - San Francisco, CA
Avery Hill - Portland, OR

Sunday 5/29/16

Aaron Smith - Harrison, AR
Ezra Vancil - Dallas, TX
Joe Shields (aka Joe Cartoon) - Alto, MI (winner)
Emily Scott Robinson - Chattanooga, TN (winner)
Addie Brownelee - Brooklyn, NY (winner)
Ben de la Cour - Nashville, TN (winner)
Mare Wakefield and Nomad - Nashville, TN
Grant Peeples - Tallahasse, FL
Meg Braun - Nashville, TN
Randy Palmer - Amarillo, TX
Josh Harvey - San Francisco, CA
Suzanna Choffel - New York, NY
Twangtown Paramours - Nashville, TN
Daniel Champagne - Nashville, TN
Aly Tadros - Brooklyn, NY
Bethel Steele - Ft Collins, CO

Judges: Johnsmith, Kenny White, and Cheryl Wheeler

Left to Right: Rachel Laven, Ben De La Cor, Addie Brownlee, Joe Shields, Emily Scott Robinson and Justin Farren

Saturday 5/23/15

Clint Alphin - Nashville TN
John John Brown - Winter Gardens FL
Mary Bragg - Nashville TN
Tom Meny - Buda TX (winner)
Susan Cattaneo - Medford MA
Teresa Storch - Longmont CO
Dan Weber - Vancouver WA
Cherie Call- Spanish Fork UT
Becky Warren - Nashville TN (winner)
Amy McCarley - Huntsville AL
Chase Gassaway - Austin TX
Aubryn - Nashville TN
Andrew Delaney - Plano TX
Abby Lappen - Claverack-Red Mills NY
David Berkeley - Santa Fe NM (winner)
Heather Styka - Portland ME

Sunday 5/24/15

Hope Dunbar - Utica NE
Drew Kennedy - New Braunfels TX
Kerry Patrick Clark - Whitehouse OH
Mare Wakefield - Nashville TN
Anna Tivel - Portland OR (winner)
Lisa Nicole Grace - Alberta CAN
Eliot Bronson - Atlanta GA
Amy Kucharik - Somerville MA (winner)
Wes Collins - Chapel Hill NC (winner)
Andy Roo Forrest - Seattle WA
Emilie Clepper - Austin TX
Mike P. Ryan - Clifton VA
Brad Cunningham - Kansas City MO
Angela Easterling - Green SC
Candy Lee - Fayetteville AR
Jess Klein - Austin TX

Judges: David Wilcox, Ellis Paul, Raina Rose
Note! Due to significant rain, the start of Saturday's show was delayed and due to the rain's return, only the first 9 finalists performed. The rest all performed on Sunday in the same sequence except for Chase Gassaway who was the last to perform.

2015 Winners with Steve Gillette and Dalis Allen
Left to Right: Steve Gillette, Tom Meny, Amy Kucharik, Wes Collins, Anna Tivel, David Berkeley, Becky Warren and Dalis Allen

Saturday May 24

Jan Krist & Jim Bizer - Franklin MI
David McMillin - Chicago IL
Marc Douglas Berardo - Westerly RI
Addie Brownlee - New York NY
Chase Gassaway - Austin TX
Ellen Tipper - Appleton MA
Charlotte Thistle - Seattle WA
Matt Nakoa - Brooklyn NY (winner)
David Berkeley - Santa Fe NM
Katie Gosnell - Austin TX
Dan Weber - Vancouver WA
Daniel Boling - Albuquerque NM (winner)
Rosie Tucker - Los Angeles CA
Connor Garvey - Portland ME (winner)
Savannah King - Buffalo NY
Brittany Ann Tranbaugh - Easton PA

Sunday May 25

Frank Martin Gilligan - Dickenson TX (winner)
The Lovebirds (Veronica May and Lindsay White)- San Diego CA (winner)
Jeffrey Martin - Eugene OR
Brad Boyer - Friendswood TX
Jenna Lindbo - Portland ME
Aaron Howard - Phoenix AZ
Anna Paddock - Brooklyn NY
Justin Pecina - Gunter TX
Ben Bochner - Eugene OR
Brad Cole - New York NY
David White - Franklin TN
Mariana Bell - Los Angeles CA
Roy Schneider Duo - Fort Meyers FL
Cat Terrones - San Pedro CA
Caroline Spence - Nashville TN (winner)
Chris Ronald - Vancouver BC Canada

Judges: Steve Seskin, Joe Jencks, Greg Greenway

2014 Winners with Steve Gillette and Dalis Allen
Left to Right: Steve, Frank Martin Gilligan, Matt Nakoa, The Lovebirds (Veronica May and Lindsay White), Daniel Boling, Caroline Spence, Connor Garvey, and Dalis

Saturday May 25

Ben Bochner - Eugene OR
Daniel Makins - San Angelo TX
Adrianne Lenker - Andover MN (winner)
Marina - League City TX
Mark Philpot - Fort Worth TX
Allie Farris - Nashville TN
Andrew Delaney - Dallas TX
Anna & The Underbelly - Portland OR (listed in the initial list of finalists, not in program and did not appear)
Arlon Bennett - Northvale NJ
B. Sterling - Austin TX
Bethel Steele - Boston MA
Tommy Byrd - Austin TX
Davey O. - Buffalo NY
Hope Schneir - Camarillo CA
Doug Kent - Houston TX
Ed Romanoff - Brooklyn NY (winner)

Sunday May 26

Ellis - Minneapolis MN (winner)
Honor Finnegan - New York NY (winner)
The Potter's Field - Canton MI
Julie Jean White - Dallas TX
Eric Bettencourt - Portland ME (winner)
Karen Dahlstrom - Brooklyn NY
Lizzy Ross - Chapel Hill NC
Mary McAdams - Des Moines IA
Paul Sachs - Manhattan NY (winner)
Terry Holder - Olympia WA
Steve Chizmadia - Peekskill NY
The Sparrowmakers - Austin TX
Twangtown Paramours - Nashville TN
Wes Collins - Chapel Hill NC
Zack Kibodeaux - Kyle TX
Bill Valenti - Bend OR

Judges: Nels Andrews, Aengus Finnan, Betty Soo

2013 Winners with Steve Gillette, Dalis Allen and Rod Kennedy
Left to Right: Steve, Grassy Hill's Tom Neff, Honor Finnegan, Eric Bettencourt, Paul Sachs, Rod, Ellis, Ed Romanoff, Adrienne Lenker, Dalis

Saturday May 26

Terry Penney - Newfoundland Canada - (did not appear)
Paula Held - Austin TX
Alison Lumley - Austin TX
Jon Troast - Nashville TN
Andra Suchy - Minneapolis MN
Burke Ingraffia - Point Clear AL
Edie Carey - Chicago IL (winner)
Whit Hill - Nashville TN (winner)
Miranda Dawn - Austin TX
Poor Mans Poison - Hartford CA (did not appear)
Nicolette Good - San Antonio TX (winner) (Colorado in program)
The Hems - Austin TX
Daniel Makins - San Angelo TX
Larry Murante - Seattle WA
Robin Macy & Kentucky White - Belle Plains KS
Lindsay May - Vancouver BC Canada

Sunday May 27

Lizzy Ross - Pittsboro NC
J. A. Carter III - San Antonio TX
Michael Jerome Browne - Montreal Canada
Mikaela Kahn - Denton TX
The Sea The Sea - Madison CT (winner)
Alicia McGovern - Salt Lake City UT (winner)
Eric Colville - Ipswich MA
Paul Sachs - New York NY
Scot Phegley - Nolensville TN
Dan Weber - Vancouver WA
Annie & Rod Capps - Chelsea MI
J Wagner - Austin TX
Anna Dagmar - New York NY
Korby Lenker - Nashville TN (winner)
The YaYa's - Mohegan Lake MI
Michaela Anne - Brooklyn NY

Judges: Nathan Hamilton, Cary Cooper, Seth Glier

2012 Winners with Steve Gillette, Dalis Allen and Rod Kennedy
Left to Right: Steve, Korby Lenker, Nicolette Good, Edie Carey, Whit Hill, Alicia McGovern, The Sea The Sea (Chuck E. Costa & Mira Stanley), Dalis and Rod

Saturday May 28

Karyn Oliver - Boring MD
Bobbie Sweet - Becket MA
Phillip Gibbs - Austin TX
Eliot Bronson - Atlanta GA
Rob Lytle - Apex NC
Terry Holder - Olympia WA
A. J. Roach - Brooklyn NY (winner)
Jen Cass - Bay City MI
Tom Corbett - Woodland Hills CA
Chet O'Keefe - Nashville TN
Megan Burtt - Denver CO (winner) (Colorado in program)
Owen Temple - Austin TX
Grace Pettis - Harrisonburg VA (winner)
Steve Chizmadia - Peekskill NY
Arlon Bennett - Northvale NJ
Roy Schneider - Fort Meyers FL

Sunday May 29

Friction Farm - Greenville SC
B. Sterling Archer - Austin TX
Cassie Peterson - Nashville TN (winner)
Aaron Nathans - Wilmington DE
Tommy Byrd - Austin TX
David Moss - Austin TX (winner)
The YaYas - Mohegan Lake NY
Wyatt Easterling - Nashville TN
David Stokenberg - Austin TX
Mai Bloomfield - Venice CA (winner)
Randy Palmer - Amarillo TX
Twangtown Paramours - Nashville TN
Phil Henry - Rutland VT
Jane Eamon - Hastings Ont, Canada
Ben Suchy - Bismarck SD
(There were only 15 Finalists on Sunday - 31 total in 2011)

Judges: Michael Camp, JohnSmith, Patrice Pike

2011 Winners with Dalis, Rod and Steve
(Left to Right: Steve, Rod, David, Grace, A.J., Megan, Mai, Cassie, Doug (Cassie's Accompanist) and Dalis)

Saturday May 29

Cassie Peterson - Nashville TN
Daniel Makins - San Angelo TX
Terry Holder - Olympia WA
John Batdorf - West Hills CA
Chris O'Brien - Somerville MA
Annie & Rod Capps - Chelsea MI
Leanne Atherton - Austin TX
Angela Easterling - Taylors SC
Alex Woodard - San Diego CA
Kate Klim - Boston MA (winner)
Neal Katz - Tyler TX
Blair Bodine - Ambler PA
Wyatt Easterling - Nashville TN
Andrew Delaney - Dallas TX
Ellen Tipper - Appleton ME
Terry Penney - Lewisport NF, Canada

Sunday May 30

Chet O'Keefe - Nashville TN
Jen Cass - Bay City MI
Dan Colehour - Nashville TN (winner)
Claire Small - Austin TX
Bobbie Lancaster - Bloomington IN
Gretchen Witt - Brooklyn NY
Michael Troy - Fall River MA (winner)
Brad Boyer - Friendswood TX
Joe Scutella - Nashville TN
Jennifer Morrison - Sarasota FL
Jon Brooks - King City ON, Canada (winner)
Mai Bloomfield - Venice CA
Sam Doores - New Orleans LA
Kim Richardson - Mountain Home AR (winner)
Andy Gullahorn - Nashville TN (winner)
Lucas Ohio Pattie - Pleasanton CA

Judges: Tom Prasada-Rao, Ronny Cox, Susan Gibson

2010 Winners with Dalis, Rod and Steve
(Left to Right: Steve, Dan, Kim, Kate, Andy, Michael, Jon, Dalis and Rod)

Saturday May 23

Lynne Hanson - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Craig Bickhardt - Media PA (failed to appear)
Sarah Donner - Princeton NJ
Ben Mallot - Austin TX
Marc Black - Katonah NY
Angela Easterling - Talors SC
Larry Murante - Seattle WA
Donna Beckham - West TX
Louise Mosrie - Nashville TN (winner)
Rebacca Loebe - Roswell GA (winner)
Tommy Byrd - Austin TX
Mathew Fockler - So. Padre Island TX
Valorie Miller - Asheville NC
Colin McGrath - Brooklyn NY
Liz Longley - Downington PA
Bob Sima - Woodbine MD

Sunday May 24

Sarah Sample - Seattle WA
Greg Alexander - New York NY
Jason David Hyatt - Austin TX
Carrie Catherine - Saskatoon SK, Canada (winner)
Ernest Troost - Los Angeles CA (winner)
Gretchen Witt - Brooklyn NY
Laura Zucker - Lafayette CA
Larry Zarella - Massachusetts AK
Tom Neilson - Greenfield MA (winner)
Joe Crookston - Ithaca NY
Shannon Wurst - Alma AR
Roy Schneider - Fort Meyers - FL
Kim Miller - Wimberly TX
Jeff Martin - Portland OR (failed to appear)
Lucy Wainwright Roche - Brooklyn NY (winner)
Kate Mann - Portland OR

Judges: TR Ritchie, Amilia K. Spicer, John Vezner

2009 Winners with Dalis and the judges
(Left to Right: Dalis, Jon, Amilia, Tom, Louise, Carrie, Ernest, Lucy, Rebacca, and TR)

Saturday May 24

Susan Levine - Newburyport MA
Kristen Grainger - Salem OR
Joe Jencks - Cincinnati OH
RJ Cowdery - Columbus OH (winner)
Molly Venter - Austin TX
Annaliese Schiersch - Kinston WA
Chris O'Brien - Somerville MA
Rachel Sage - New York NY
Bob Sima - Woodbine MD
BettySoo - Austin TX (winner)
Linda Sharar - Andover MA
Charlotte Kendrick - Pawling NY
Robby Hecht - Nashville TN (winner)
Phil Henry - Rutland VT
Rebecca Loebe - Atlanta GA
C. J. Watson - Nashville TN (winner)

Sunday May 25

Shelley King - Austin TX
Claude "Butch" Morgan - Devine TX
Kirsten Jones - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Martin Gibson - Glen Cove ME
Sonia Lee - Nashville TN
Datri Bean - Austin TX
Lojo Russo - Davenport IA
Zoe Mulford - Manchester United Kingdom
Hans York - Seattle WA (winner)
Emily Elbert - Boston MA
Brad Colerick - South Pasadena CA
Laura Bullock - Somerville MA
Chad Elliot - Spenseer IA
Devon Sproule - Charlottesville VA (winner)
Terry Holder - Olympia WA
T. Nile - Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Judges: Jud Caswell, Amy Speace, Mike Williams (replaced John Vezner)

2008 Winners with Steve, Dalis and Rod

Saturday May 26

Danny Schmidt - Austin TX (winner)
Datri Bean - Austin TX
Kate Klim - Somerville MA
David Llewellyn - Nashville TN (winner)
porterdavis - Austin TX
Noah Earle - Hallsville MO
Scott & Michelle Dalziel - Maquoketa IA
Raina Rose - Portland OR
Storyhill - Bozeman MT (winner)
Anthony da Costa - Pleasantville NY (winner)
Michael McGarrah - Phoenix AZ
Chuck E Costa - New Haven CT
Donal Hinely - Springfield TN
Dave Potts - Auburn AL
Jessica Heine - Edmonton Alb, Canada
Jan Smith - Afton VA

Sunday May 27

Carla Gover - Richmond KY (winner)
Owen Temple - Madison WI
KC Clifford - Oklahoma City OK
Ray Younkin - Houston TX
Wil Maring - Cobden IL
Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers - Alexandria VA
Kevin McGee - Lexington SC
Laura Zucker - Lafayette CA
Pat Wictor - Brooklyn NY
Emily Kurn - Anchorage AK
Eric Hansen - Tucson AZ
Edie Carey - Boston MA
Derek Aramburu - Cypress TX
Elana Arian - New York NY
John Wort Hannam - Fort Macleod Alb Canada (winner)
Lindsay Mac - Cambridge MA

Judges: Johnsmith, Cosy Sheridan, Jonathan Byrd

2007 Winners with Steve, Dalis and Rod

Saturday May 27

Robert Tubb/String Gravy - Glendale AZ
Jan Smith - North Garden VA
Zane Williams - Nashville TN
Antje Duvekot - Lake Elmo MN (winner)
Lisa Richards - Austin TX
Tom Neilson - Montague MA
Lisa Rogers - Austin TX
Jaime Michaels - Santa Fe NM
Dave Potts - Auburn AL
Lis Harvey - Davis CA
Dave Pahanish - California PA (failed to appear)
Liz Carlisle - Cambridge MA
Joe Truman - Nashville TN
Amy Speace - New York NY
KC Clifford - Oklahoma City OK
Kendall James - Houston ME

Sunday May 28

Charlotte Kendrick - Pawling NY
Jason Spooner - Portland ME
Morgan Bracy - Antioch TN
Michael Tiernan - Del Mar CA
Marilyn Rucker - Austin TX
Jud Caswell - Brunswick ME (winner)
Gretchen Witt - Brooklyn NY
Gordy Quist - Austin TX (winner)
KJ Denhert - Ossining NY (winner)
Alastair Mook - Medford MA
Susan Clark - Cedar Crest NM
Tom Mowrey - Sykesville PA (failed to appear)
Jay Mankita - Amherst MA
Diana Jones - Nashville TN (winner)
Andrew Smith - Kelowna BC, Canada (winner)
Sonia Lee - Nashville TN

Judges: Jimmy LaFave, Pat Pattison, Sonia

2006 Winners with Dalis, Steve and Rod
(photo courtesy of Jim Dirden)

Saturday May 28

Mike Morris - Strafford NH
Richard Ruane - Ripton VT
Datri Bean - Seattle WA
Justin Roth - Lake Elmo MN
Greg Klyma - Cheektowaga NY
Rob Hinkal - Owing Mills MD
Amy Martin - Missoula MT
David Morreale - Baltimore MD
Jack Harris - Powys Wales, United Kingdom (winner)
Randy Browning - South Berwick ME (winner)
Treva Blomquist - Nashville TN
Erik Balkey - Philadelphia PA (winner)
Andy Corwin - West Hills CA (winner)
Karen Mal - Austin TX
Carl Cacho - West Newbury MA
Kate Redgate - Newbury MA

Sunday May 29

Dave Murphy - Montclair NJ
Beth Wood - Arlington TX (winner)
Tony Laiolo - Nashville TN
Jim Keaveny - Austin TX
Michael Bowers - Alexandria VA
Claude "Butch" Morgan - Devine TX
Liz Carlisle - Cambridge MA
Gary Seber - Houston TX
Tim Burlingame - Sherman Oaks CA
David Stoddard - Beaver Dam WI (winner)
Kathrin Shorr - Sherman Oaks CA
Meg Hutchinson - Cambridge MA
Doug Wintch - Salt Lake City UT
Corrinne West - Alameda CA
Stan Swiniarski - Dracut MA
Sean Altman - New York NY

Judges: Caroline Aiken, John William Davis, Jim Photoglo

2005 Winners with Steve, Rod and Dalis

Saturday May 29

Michael Troy - Somerset MA
Cherie Call - Springville UT
John McGill - Crestline CA
John William Davis - Indian Hills CO (winner)
Julie Clark - Norfolk VA (winner)
David Llewellyn - Nashville TN
Robert Frith - Sugarland TX
Carla Ulbrich - Athens GA
Brent Mitchell - Racine WI
Rachel Garlin - Berkeley CA
Kelly McCune - Pasadena CA
Naomi Sommers - Allston MA
Jaime Michaels - Santa Fe NM
Dave Potts - Auburn AL
Beth Cahill - Wakefield Quebec, Canada
Marc Herman - Watertown MA

Sunday May 30

Lisa Rogers - Austin TX
Jim Bizer - Franklin MI
Effron White - Fayetteville AR (winner)
Bill Kahler - Smyrna GA
Cary Cooper - Garland TX (winner)
Jody William Smith - Sherman Oaks CA
Drew Nelson - Grand Rapids MI
Donna Frost - Hendersonville TN
Erik Balkey - Philadelphia PA
Scott & Michelle Dalziel - Maquoketa IA
Justin Roth - Lake Elmo MN
Idgy Vaughn - Austin TX (winner)
Ryc Ward - West Stockbridge MA
Claudia Nygaard - Nashville TN (winner)
Jesse Thurgood - Payson UT
Gregg Cagno - New Hope PA

Judges: Slaid Cleaves, Ruthie Foster, Eric Schwartz

2004 Winners with Steve and Dalis

Saturday May 24

David Bailey - Earlysville VA (winner)
Caroline Currie - Seattle WA
Rob Heath - Edmonton Alberta, Canada (winner)
Teddy Goldstein - New York NY
Lauren Fine - Austin TX
Jaime Michaels - Santa Fe NM
Kathy Hussey - Nashville TN (winner)
Jonathan Byrd - Carrboro NC (winner)
Andy & Cheryl Winston - Boulder CO
Colin Brooks - Austin TX (winner)
Jenny Reynolds - Wellesley MA
Ralston Bowles - Grand Rapids MI
Lisa Rogers - Austin TX
Kevin Briody - Ridgfield CT
Juliet Wyers - Portland OR
David Llewellyn - Nashville TN

Sunday May 25

Rob Boyle - St. Louis MO
Dave Potts - Auburn AL
Kerri Powers - Franklin MA
Steve Chizmadia - Manhasset NY
Jason Spooner - Portland ME
Vicki Chew - Cleveland OH
Foscoe Jones - Austin TX
Julianna Waters & Barry Crannell - Portland OR
Larry Kenneth Potts - Petaluma CA
Anais Mitchell - Middlebury VT (winner)
Scott Idlet - Centennial CO
Jenn Adams - Stevensville MT
Joe Stanton - Sechelt British Columbia, Canada
Terry Farmer - Ann Arbor MI
Elizabeth Wills - Fort Worth TX
John Haley-Walker - Fairfax CA

Judges: Tracy Grammer, Aengus Finnan, David Roth

Saturday May 25

Chris Goddard - St. Louis MO
Julianna Waters - Portland OR
Rusty Summy - Yachats OR
Annie Mosher - Nashville TN (winner)
Michael Snell - Whitehall MI
Nelda Sisk - Hendersonville TN
William Brooks - New York NY
Lori J. Ridgeway - Nashville TN
Tim Chauvin - Nacogdoches TX
Lisa Carver - Nashville TN
Aengus Finnan - Coborg Ontario, Canada (winner)
Kathy Hussey - Nashville TN
Michael Austin - Austin TX
Zoe Lewis - Provincetown MA (winner)
Jeff Middleton - Nashville TN
Stephanie Urbina-Jones - Madison TN

Sunday May 26

Jennifer Agner - Baltimore MD
Karen Mal - Austin TX
Phil Christie - Los Angeles CA
Lisa LaPointe - St. Lambert Quebec, Canada
Bryce Milligan - San Antonio TX
Annie Gallup - Ann Arbor MI (winner)
Jim Bizer - Franklin MI
T. S. Baker - York ME
Ellen Bukstel - Miami FL
D. Michael - Windham ME
Sarah Guthrie - Albany OH
Kate Polsky - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Cheley Tackett - Nashville TN (winner)
Joanna Blair - Surrey UK
Nels Andrews - Albuquerque NM (winner)
Molly Pitcher - New York NY

Judges: Sally Fingerett, David Massengill, JohnSmith

Saturday May 26

Jim Dishman - Simpsonville KY
Richard Kent Gaudette - Bellaire TX
Amber Mogg - Nashville TN (failed to appear)
Kevin Danzig & Kat Wooley - Mandeville LA
Ron Fetner - Seaford VA (winner)
Karen Mal - Austin TX (see footnote #1 below)
Joel Cage - Meredith NH (winner)
Frank Delamarre - Brighton MI
Marv Hamilton - Salt Lake City UT
Terry Farmer - Manchester MI
Leigh Hilger - Waynesville NC
John Haley-Walker - Fairfax CA
Jeff Talmadge - Austin TX
Rachel Bissex - Burlington VT (winner)
Jim McNeil - Laurel MS
Richard Berman & Max Cohen - Amherst MA

Sunday May 27

Barbara Phaneuf - North Dighton MA
Logan Leet - Lexington KY
Curt Bessette - Portsmouth NH
Corrinne May - Canoga Park CA (winner)
Ric Swanson - Austin TX
Rob Lutes - Montreal Quebec, Canada (winner)
Renee Safier - Redondo Beach CA
The Butler Brothers - Erie PA (failed to appear)
Amy Fairchild - Hoboken NJ (winner)
Jon Michaels - Nashville TN
Jesse Thurgood - Payson UT
Eleni Kelakos - Los Angeles CA
Mindy Smith - Nashville TN
Eric Schwartz - Waltham MA
Molly Slone - Lexington KY
Claudia Russell - Los Angeles CA

Judges: Gail Davies, Rex Benson, Anni Clark

Saturday May 27

Meg Hutchinson - South Egremont MA (winner)
Sarah Guthrie - Albany OH
Eric Gerber - Somerville MA
Karen Nash - Los Angeles CA
Kevin James Higgins - Austin TX
Wiggins Sisters - Westport CT
Patti Casey - North Duxvury VT (winner)
Josh Calhoun - Oshkosh WI
Pamela Temple - Cincinnati OH
Kate Messmer - Amherst MA
John M. Greenberg - Scottsdale AZ
Eileen Hemphill-Haley - Eugene OR
Dana Robinson - Northhampton MA
Stuart Whitford - Fredericksburg VA
Bill Muse - Willow City TX
Jim Bizer - Franklin MI

Sunday May 28

Tammy S. Baker Moeller - York ME
Barbara Phaneuf - North Dighton MA
Robert Chabot - Florence MA
Dierdre J. Flint - Elverson PA (winner)
Kelly Wallin - Houston TX
Andrew McKnight - Middleburg VA
Eleni Kelakos - Los Angeles CA
Scott Carter - Nashville TN (winner)
Nathan Hamilton - Austin TX (winner)
Mary Beth Belbuda-Mazizrz - Park City UT
Thais Perkins - Corvalis OR
Derek Aramburu - Cypress TX
Joey Errigo - Register GA (listed in program as Joe)
Richard Berman - Amherst MA
Stephanie Corby - New York NY
Stephen Cohen - Portland OR (winner)

Judges: Sally Fingerette, Willis Alan Ramsey, Diane Ziegler

Saturday May 29

David M. Bailey - Stafford VA
Nelda Sisk - Hendersonville TN
Eric Hansen - New York NY
Amy Carol Webb - Miami Springs FL
McCawley Burke - Hyannis MA
Karen Nash - Los Angeles CA
Lena & Sanford Markley - Silver Springs MD
Suzanne Buirgy - Venice CA (winner)
Arlon Bennett - Princeton NJ
Rebecca McCabe - Washington DC
Ray Bonneville - Nashville TN (winner)
Nancy Terzian - Mill Valley CA
Alan Ross - Monteagle TN
Leslie Claussen - Los Angeles CA
Mitch Barrett - Berea KY (winner)
Diane Zeigler - Montpelier VT (winner)

Sunday May 30

Jeff Berkley - San Diego CA (winner)
Becca Christel - Mercer Island WA (now Becca Christel Palm)
Justin Wells - San Anselmo CA
Anke Summerhill - Salt Lake City UT
Gorman Del Greco - Bowling Green OH
Claudia Russell - Los Angeles CA
Jay Howlett - Pacifica CA
Kathryn Wahamaa - British Columbia, Canada
Karen Abrahams - Austin TX
Gary Johnson - Houston TX
Marcia Ramirez Waldron - Nashville TN
Jim Kimball - Nashville TN
Kim Parent - Nashville TN
Fred McCarty - Santa Clara CA
Charlie Buenger & Bill Gerick - Waco TX
Mark Erelli - Amherst WA (winner)

Judges: Eric Taylor, Charles John Quarto, Cindy Greene

Saturday May 23

Mike Brandon - Joplin MO (winner)
William Dudley - Walsenburg CO
Cynthia Ward - Oviedo FL (now Cyd Ward)
Dan Gediman - Louisville KY
Cheryl Hoenemeyer - Merrimac KY
Fred Towne - Corvallis OR
Wendy Liepman - San Luis Obisbo CA
Greg Beattie - Alameda CA (winner)
Sharon Spivey - Davenport FL
Janne Henshaw - Nashville TN
Kevin P. Briody - Ridgefield CT
Dar Frantz - Schwenksville PA
The Wiggins Sisters - Westport CT
Dave Carter - Portland OR (winner)
Scott Eversoll - Glendale AZ
Susan Clark - Albuquerque NM (winner)

Sunday May 24

Dennis Warner - Clearwater MN
Leslie Gail Brooks - Dallas TX
Nick Plakias - Wendell MA
Nina Adel & Danny Wells - Nashville TN
Stacia Clare - Rochester Hills MI
Thom Rayne - Owego NY
Sanford & Lena Markley - Silver Springs MD
Joel Cage - Brighton MA
Jacquie Manning - Cary IL (winner)
Steven J. Fisher - Westlake Village CA
Claudia Nygaard - Nashville TN
Joe Scutella - Nashville TN
Steve Keating - Redwood CA
Cindy Greene - Franklin TN (winner)
John M. Greenburg - Oklahoma City OK
Mary Coppin - Riverside CA

Judges: Betty Elders, Steven Fromholz, Keith Greeninger

Saturday May 24

Glenn MacPherson - Freedom CA
Jon Michaels - Nashville TN
Beth Lodge-Regal - Bloomington IN
Kevin P. Briody - Ridgefield CT
Lincoln Hastings - Nashville TN (winner)
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald - Nevada City CA (winner)
Kevin So - Brighten MA
Thom Rayne - Owego NY
Maria Gillard - Rochester NY
Stephan E. Smith & Danny Infantino - Pinehurst NC (winner)
Steve Conn - Mt. Juliet TN
Kyle L. Wulle - Magna UT
Jeanie Perkins - Garland TX
John Deacon - Duxbury MA
Steve Abadie - South Hempstead NY
Kristie McGraw - Toronto Ontario, Canada

Sunday May 25

Cindy Greene - Franklin TN
Martin Swinger - Gardner ME
Nancy Hanson - Salt Lake City UT
Keith Greeninger - Aptos CA (winner)
Terri Allard - Crozet VA
McCawley Burke - Hyannis MA
Cheryn Hoevemeyer - Merrimac WA
Gary Nichols - Nashville TN
Brenda Evans - Norwalk CT
Jim McNeil - Laurel MS
Barry Crannell & Nora Krevans - Portland CA (winner)
Claudia Nygaard - Nashville TN
J. Michael Hanisee - Lafayette LA
Nina Adel - Nashville TN
Mike Sumler - Houston TX (winner)
Julie Sanderson - Bethesda MD

Judges: David Amram, Alisa Fineman, John McVey

Saturday May 25

Lana Puckett & Kim Person - Yorktown PA
Sam Lardner - Salisbury CT
Adie Grey - Nashville TN
Stefan George - Tucson AZ
Ben Edmund - Tallahassee FL
Jean Ganias - New York NY (winner)
Rory Lee - Nashville TN
Wyatt Waters - Clinton MS
Jim McNeil - Laurel MS
Dennis Warner - Clearwater MN
Anke Barbee - Salt Lake City UT
Lee Mitchell - Nashville TN
Rachel Polisher - Elkins Park PA (winner)
Chris Rosser - Asheville NC
John McVey - Nashville TN (winner)
Jeanie Perkins - Garland TX

Sunday May 26

Bill Hall - Morristown NJ (winner)
Jackie Tice - Center Valley PA (winner)
Mark Aaron James - Nashville TN
Marc Berger - New York NY
Tanya Savory - Louisville KY (winner)
Jed Harris - Lancaster TX
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald - Nevada City CA
Marianne Osiel - Nashville TN (did not appear - see footnote #5 below)
Dianne Cannon & Michael Killen - Nashville TN
Sam Anderson - Belton SC
Barbara Saint John - Brooklyn NY
Steve Dan Mills - Nashville TN
Bob Malone - Redondo Beach CA
Roxie Dean - Antioch TN
Ran Jith - Grand Terrace CA
Beth Williams - Philadelphia PA

Judges: Sara Hickman, Lucinda Williams, Tim Bays

Saturday May 27

Steve Curnutte - Nashville TN
Leslie Tucker - Lexington VA
Keith Curtis - Glendale AZ
Wanda Land - Nashville TN
Peter Mealy - Fredericksburg VA
Dan Merrill - Portland ME (winner)
Dan Colehour - Austin TX
Susan Clark - Tijeras NM
Stephen Smith & Danny Infantino - Southern Pines NC
Susan Piper - Huntington Valley PA (winner)
Geoffrey Rutledge, Lennox Smith, John Tindel - Aptos CA
Bikki Johnson - Los Angeles CA
Bob Malone - Redondo Beach CA
Abbe Anderson - Durham ME
Martin Sexton - Cambridge MA
Barbara Kessler - West Roxbury MA (winner)

Sunday May 28

Tim Bays - Nashville TN (winner)
Jean Ganias - New York NY
Mason Young & David Sawyer - Nashville TN
Melodie Chrislock - Carmel CA
Paul Merian - Mountain Lakes NJ
Lisa Taylor - Herndon VA
Steve Dan Mills - Nashville TN
Nancy Magill - Bethesda MD
George Wurzbach - Brooklyn NY (winner)
Lisa Bigwood - Colorado Springs CO
Sarah Greene - New York NY
Dennis Warner - Clearwater MN
Kate McDonnell - Woodbridge CT
Terry Gonda - Royal Park MI
Joel Rafael - Bonsall CA (winner)
Mark Sweeney - Tahlequah OK

Judges: Michael Camp, Anne Hills, Pierce Pettis

Saturday May 28

This is the first year finalists were decreased from 40 to 32

Bruce Pipehoff - Greensboro NC
Karon - Houston TX
Kevin Danzig - Mobile AL
Patti Shea - Philadelphia PA
Danny Infantino & Stephen Smith - Pinehurst NC
Tanya Savory - Nashville TN
Bob Cheevers - Franklin TN (winner)
Jennifer Martin -Nashville TN
Steve Spurgin - McKinney TX (winner)
Alice & Albert - Brookings OR
Aaron Chamberlain - Nassau NY
Leslie Gail Brooks - Dallas TX
Dan Colehour - Austin TX
Rachel Gladstone - Nashville TN
Martin Sexton - Somerville MA
Carol Elliott - Nashville TN

Sunday May 29

Kirt Kempter - Austin TX
Lana Pucket & Kim Person - Yorktown VA
Jon Michaels - Nashville TN
Burch Rivers - Chevy Chase MD
Wanda Land - Nashville TN
Terri Allard - Crozet VA
Ellis Paul - Wayland MA (winner)
Kelly Brown - Richardson TX
Michael Camp - Nashville TN (winner)
David Cantor - New York NY (winner)
Kevin Connolly - Cambridge MA
Nancy Moran - Nashville TN
Mark Sweeney - Tahlequah OK
Les Sampou - Osterville MA (winner)
Joel Rafael - Bonsall CA
Karen Pernick - Seattle WA

Judges: James Keelaghan, Steve Gillette, Tom Kimmel

Saturday May 29

Kirt Kempter - Austin TX
Jerry Vandiver - Nashville TN
Elisabeth Cutler - Nashville TN
Dennis Couglin - Princeton MA
Cully & Elliot (Mark Elliot) - Antioch TN (winner)
Anni Clark - Old Orchard Beach ME
Kim Person & Lona Puckett - Yorktown VA
Rick Diamond - Atlanta GA
Michael Jerling - Saratoga Springs NY (winner)
Steve Givens & Barry LaFond - Florissant MO
Nancy Del Guidice - Hopkinton NH
Johnsmith - Trempealeau WI (listed in program as John Smith)
Lisa Dilk - Tempe AZ
Alan Rhody - Nashville TN
Rick Stockton - San Marcos TX
Marie Chabot - Nashville TN
Jim Heald - Austin TX
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald - Nevada City CA
Peter Axtell - Nashville TN
Tom Kimmel - Nashville TN (winner)

Sunday May 30

Michael Lille - Nashville TN (winner)
William (Bill) Baker - Wheaton MD
Sally Barris - Nashville TN
Paul Hartke - Reston VA
Adam Hansen - Manhattan Beach CA
Tricia Walker - Nashville TN
David Sturtevant - Erie PA
Hunter Moore - Nashville TN
Karen Tyler - Austin TX
Tom Prasada-Rao - Takoma Park MD (winner)
Katy Wallace - Nashville TN
Link Chalon - Denton TX
Tanya Savory - Nashville TN
Chuck Pinnell - Austin TX
Margie Rylatt - Frederick MD
Susan Clark - Tijeras NM
Rachael Goetz - Garland TX
Kimberly J. Forehand - Blanchardville WI (winner)
Walt Lewis - Austin TX
Jana Stanfield - Nashville TN

Judges: Cheryl Wheeler, Charles John Quarto, Michael Johnson

Saturday May 23

David Dodson - Camden ME (winner)
Will LeBlanc - Houston TX
Jess Hawk Okenstar - Phoenix AZ
T. R. Ritchie - Seattle WA
Eric Blakely - Austin TX
Curt Bessette - Portsmouth NH
Mike Muldoon - Nashville TN
Sally Barris - Hendersonville TN
John Floyd & K. McBryde - Cypress TX
Barb Donavan - Austin TX
Geoffrey Cary Sather - Arlington MS
Michael Camp - Hendersonville TN
Karen Taylor-Good - Nashville TN (winner)
Slaid Cleaves - Austin TX (winner)
Andy Hall - El Segundo CA
Cyndi Craven - Atlanta GA
David Stanley Sawyer - Irving TX
Jana Stanfield - Nashville TN
Lee Crutchfield - San Francisco CA
Mark Elliott & Gary Cully - Nashville TN

Sunday May 24

Tina Jackson - Cody WY
John Parker - New Orleans LA
Cosy Sheridan - Portsmouth NH (winner)
Michael McNevin - Berkeley CA (winner)
Nancy Moran - Rockville MD
Tom Wolf - Roswell GA
Greg Abel - Colati CA
Chris Crawford - Austin TX
Tom Angland - Nashville TN
Susan Graham White - Port Republic MD
Bruce W. Davis - San Francisco CA
Tricia Walker - Nashville TN (winner)
Roger Day - Nashville TN
Tom Ash - San Marcos TX
Diedre McCalla - Oakland CA
Steve Kritzer - Los Gatos CA
Keith Greeninger - Aptos CA
Kirtana - Carmel CA
John Fromer - Mill Valley CA
Tim Johnson - Nashville TN

Judges: Steve Key, Rod MacDonald, Christine Albert

Saturday May 25

Jill Starkey - Amarillo TX
Larry Wheeler - Pasadena CA
Susan Udell - Palo Alto CA
Steve "Sparks" Hubert - Sandpoint ID
Scott Freed - Campbell CA (winner)
Bonnie Abrahms - Rushville NY
Barry Dow - La Crescenta CA (winner)
Patti Dixon - Port Lavaca TX
Steve Key - Washington DC (winner)
Tanya Savory - San Francisco CA
Monte Montgomery - San Antonio TX
Sarah Martin - Nashville TN
Gene Morris - New York NY
Ellen Schmidt - Concord MA
Steve Kritzer - San Jose CA
Sue Braswell - Nashville TN
Mark Elliot - Nashville TN
Susan Duffy - Antioch TN
Ben Windship - Victor ID
Janet Krist - West Bloomfield MI

Sunday May 26

Hugh Blumefeld - Coventry CT
Susan Clark - Tijeras NM
Ron Garrett - Nashville TN
Pamela Cook - Seattle WA
Michael McNevin - Berkeley CA
Margo Hennebach - Hoboken NJ
James Nihan - Hermitage TN
Deborah M. Shreves - Spring TX
Darcie Deaville - Scottsdale AZ (winner)
Link Chalon - Denton TX
Carrie Newcomer - West Lafayette IN
Tom Scaprino - Menlo Park CA
Marianne Louise Peiler - Colorado Springs CO
Dick Siegel - Ann Arbor MI (winner)
Anni Clark - Old Orchard Beach MA
Bill Ervin - Abilene TX
Alisa Fineman - Pacific Grove GA (winner)
Richard Ferrer Follet - La Vergne TN

Judges: David Olney, John Herald, Fred Small

Saturday May 26

D.C. Fitzgerald - Pittsburg PA (listed in program as D. C. Fitzwald)
Jaime Morton - Burlington VT
T. R. Ritchie - Seattle WA
Hunter Davis - Berkely CA
Jim Heald - Austin TX
Julie Adler - New York City NY
Steve Haggard - Nashville TN
Fred Small - Cambridge MA (withdrew/retired - see footnote #2 below)
Aileen Vance - Santa Cruz CA (winner)
Mickey Cates - Antioch TN (winner)
James Nihan - Hendersonville TN
Vicki Pratt Keating - Springfield VA
Steve Fisher - Wellington KS (winner)
Leann Atherton - Austin TX
Jim McNeil - Laurel MS
Kevin Danzig - Fairhope AL
Albert Osdoe - Chicago Heights IL (pseudonym of Brian Cutean - San Marcos)
Helen Hudson - New York City NY
Johnsmith - Trempealeau WI (listed in program as John Smith) (winner)
Joe Keenan - Hadley MA

Sunday May 27

Clancy Bounds - Woodacre CA
Selia Dettman - Houston TX
Richard Ferrer Follett - La Vergne TN
Kat Eggleston - Seattle WA
Jimmy Limo - Kapaa HA
Karen Blaine - Seattle WA
Eric Garrison - New Canaan CT
Sally Fingerett - Columbus TN (winner)
Teresa Chandler - Piedmont CA
Judi (Judith-Kate) Friedman - San Francisco CA
Lewis Case - Houston TX
Sue Elwood Young - Austin TX
Doc Heide - Berkely CA
Debby Levay - Menlo PArk CA
Rob Laurens - San Francisco CA (winner)
Janis Carper - Seattle WA
Lisa Morales - Houston TX
Beth Freeman - Austin TX
J. Glover - Denton TX
Sherry Cooper - Woodacre CA

Judges: Bob Franke, Chuck Suchy, Rachael Polisher

Saturday May 27

Mike Childs - Corpus Christi TX
Steve Ewert - Modesto CA
Jerry McPherson - Mt. Juliet TN
David Holmes - Shutesbury MA
Patricia Jones & Richard Bussey - Austin TX
Douglas Clegg - Weare NH
Anne Feeney - Pittsburg PA (winner)
David John Kurts - Austin TX
L. J. Booth - Amherst WI (winner)
Rachael Polisher - New York NY (winner)
Alice Stone & Albert Williams - Nashville TN
Tom Angland - Chicago IL
Steve Fisher - Arlingon TX
Allegra Broughton & Sam Page - Penngrove CA
Johnsmith - Trempealeau WI (listed in program as John Smith)
Heidi Muller - Seattle WA
Buddy Renfro - Harpers Ferry WV (in program as V. Buddy Renfro) (winner)
Jane Byaela - New York NY
Ron Riley - Lubbock TX
Mack Bailey - Annapolis MD

Sunday May 28

Suzanne Sherwin - Modesto CA
John Michaels - Mansfield MA
Dan Hart - Philadelphia PA
Robin Greenstein - New York NY
Mike Muldoon - Nashville TN
Jesse McRae - San Diego CA
Tom Frost III - San Antonio TX
Candace Anderson - Kalamazoo MI
Randy Smith - Dallas TX
Mickey James - Key West FL
George P. Macias - Austin TX
Michael Engberg - Big Fork MT (winner)
G. L. Robinson - Houston TX
David Massengill - New York NY (winner)
Jim McNeil - Laurel MS
Kate McLennan - Austin TX
Bill Ede - Louisville KY
Don David Jones & Andy Mattingly - Houston TX
Donna Chatham - Pasadena TX
James Hersch - Nashville TN

Judges: Shawn Phillips, Patty Larkin, David Wilcox

Saturday May 28

Michael Landshoot - Austin TX
Ed Florida - Lebanon NH
Larry Joe Taylor - Stephenville TX
Bitsy Rice - Austin TX
Rod MacDonald - New York City NY
Andy Van Dyke - Austin TX
Tom Taylor - Perkinsville NY (winner)
Sandy Emory - Nashville TN (winner) (now aka Sandy Emory Lawrence or Sandy Lawrence)
John S. Smar - Harrisburg PA
Michael Wicks & Olivia Francis - Dallas TX
Kathy L. Kidd - Austin TX
Hugh Blumenfeld - Coventry CN
Steve Ewert - Modesto CA
Lana Puckett & Kim Person - Yorktown VA
John Barger - Wichita KA (winner)
Tom Frost III - San Antonio TX
Jeff Black - Kansas City KA
Nancy Scott - Austin TX
Jason Threlfall - Somerville MA
Bow Brannon - Austin TX

Sunday May 29

Garry Boggs - Wimberly TX
Peter Brown - Forest Hills NY
Don Wayne Landrum - Semmers AL
Betty Elders - Austin TX
David Wilcox - Asheville NC (winner)
Sunny Moser - Yellowknife Northwest Territory, Canada
Doug Coppock - Spring TX
Rachel Polisher - New York City NY
Ray Doyle - Santa Monica CA
Josh Joffen - New York City NY (winner)
Angela Moore - Austin TX
Ed Snodderly - Jonesborough TN
Roy Zimmerman & Melanie Sue Harley - Pacific Palisades CA
Ann Armstrong - Dallas TX
Tommy Pierce - Austin TX (winner)
Mac Bailey - Annapolis MD
Dave Allen - Tacoma Park MD
Bonnie Bluhm - Albuquerque NM
Buddy Renfro - Annapolis MD
Shawn Colvin - New York City NY

Judges: Sonny Curtis, Buddy Mondlock, Shake Russell

Saturday May 23 This was the first year to go for 3 weekends

Abraham Davidson - Houston TX
David Holmes - Shutesbury MA
Sarah Martin - Dallas TX
Paul Greaver - Austin TX
Joseph & Theresa Brunelle - Corpus Christi TX
Paul Hill - Garland TX
Jonathan Huntress - Santa Fe NM
Suzie Katz - Denver CO
Steve Downing - Houston TX
Alex Abravanel - San Antonio TX
Julie Howard - Austin TX
Josh Joffen - Brooklyn NY (winner)
Monica Gomez - El Paso TX
Bill Ede - Louisville KY
Jeff Martin - Austin TX
Laurie Freelove - Austin TX (listed as Kathy Korniloff - see footnote #3 below) (winner)
Dave Moore - Iowa City IA
Janice Kollar - Woodbridge NJ
Glenn Wallace - Buffalo NY
Ray Doyle - Santa Monica CA

Sunday May 24

Dave Scheidel - Austin TX (winner)
Peter Brown - Forest Hills NY
Jimmy LaFave - Houston TX
Lorie McCloud - San Antonio TX
Buddy Mondlock - Chicago IL (winner)
Dennis Dougherty - Montclair NJ
Carly Sciaky - Denver CO
Mark Luke Daniels - Austin TX
Ronny Druwe - Louisville KY
Pierce Pettis - Marion OH (winner)
Tim Keller - Santa Fe NM
Doug Coppock - Spring TX
Bernice Lewis - Lenox MA
Dennis D'Asaro - Troy NM (failed to appear?)
Peter Markham - Austin TX
James McMurtry - San Antonio TX (winner)
Richard Beattle - Denver CO
Leeann Atherton and Sue Braswell - Austin TX
Bob Ray - Pontotoc MS
Bruce Newman - Austin TX

Judges: Jim Rooney, Suzanne Sherwin, Ian Tyson

Saturday May 24

Don Mason - Houston TX
Gary Wimmer - Austin TX
Sean Walters - Houston TX
Lynnie Isaaks - San Antonio TX (winner)
David Roth - New York NY (winner)
J. P. Hennen - Denton TX
Jim Martin - Austin TX
Nikki Marsh - Dallas TX
Jim Pilgrim - New Orleans LA
Steve Key - New York NY
Terri Bradt - Eureka Springs AR
Jim Jones - Dallas TX
Nick Pyzow - Anaheim CA
Sara K. Wooldridge - Austin TX
Steve Sykes - San Antonio TX
David Wilcox - Ashville NC
The Tolers - New Braunfels TX (winner)
Lillie Palmer - New York NY
Bob Ray - Pontotoc MS
Walker, Still & Arnold - Granbury TX

Sunday May 25

Hal Michael Ketchum - New Braunfels TX (winner)
Pierce Pettis - Carrboro NC (failed to appear)
Danny Collier - Garland TX
Candace Howard - Austin TX
Hugh Blumenfeld - Brooklyn NY
M. J. Clarke - Austin TX
Purly Gates - South Acworth NH
Mark Luke Daniels - Austin TX
Glenn Wallace - Buffalo NY
Patrick Lawson - Austin TX
James Ray Hudson - Houston TX
Sid Hausman - Tesuque NM
Emily Kaitz - Austin TX
Gregg Dethlefs - Gig Harbor WA
Brad Carter - Lubbock TX
Suzanne Sherwin - Studio City CA (winner) (in program as Susanne Sherwin)
Kevin "Bird" Conair - Colts Neck NJ (winner)
Lew Orsoni - Minneapolis MN
Sue Young - Austin TX
John Rose - Irving TX

Judges: Pat Alger, Katy Moffatt, Tom Russell

Saturday May 25

Doug Coppock - Spring TX
Michael Carlton - Midland TX
Monica Gomez - El Paso TX
Jim Gary - Chicago IL
Fred Argir - Austin TX (now known as Fredy Argir)
David Roth - Brooklyn NY
Marsha Webb-Scrimm - Denton TX
Hal Michael Ketchum - New Braunfels TX
Robert B. Roberts - El Paso TX
Marilyn Cain - Austin TX
Rick Branigan - Amarillo TX
Brent Mitchell - Denton TX (winner)
Dick Bowden - Midland TX
Christina Olsen - Venice CA (winner)
Darden Smith - Austin TX (winner)
Nick Pyzow - Anaheim CA
Keith Vire - Fayetteville AR
Kathie Redmond - Austin TX
Andy Wilkinson - Lubbock TX (winner)
Tom Fisch - Albany NY

Sunday May 26

Perry Raybuck - Austin TX
Ron Riley - Lubbock TX
Suzanne Sherwin - Studio City CA
Buddy Duncan - Dallas TX
Grant Baldwin - Half Moon Bay CA
Chris Vallillo - Rushville IL
Ann Wallis - Van Nuys CA
Bubba Hudson - Houston TX
Dave Scheidel - Austin TX
Kim Wallach - Cambridge MA
Ilze Platais - Santa Monica CA (winner)
Bow Brannon - Austin TX
G. Harrison Roth - Nashville TN
Wendy Hart - Santa Barbara CA
Tom Cox - Duluth MN
Don Lange - Santa Barbara CA
Bill Ede - Louisville KY (winner)
Lillian Standfield - Medicine Park OK
Sid Hausman - Tesuque NM
John Parker - Jefferson LA

Judges: Kate Wolf, David Halley, Chuck Pyle

Saturday May 26

Kevin Danzig - Houston TX
Jerry Stevens - Austin TX
Lu Mitchell - Dallas TX (winner)
Michael Merchant - Spring TX
David Houston Madewell - Kilgore TX
Barbara Diekman - Austin TX
Cam Johnson - Denton TX (winner)
Jim David & Connie Lockhart - Amarillo TX
Janet Billinghousen - Austin TX
David Jenkins & Michael Darouzet - Dallas TX
Bill Colbert - Austin TX
Thomas Hart - Austin TX
Rhonda Ramirez - Dallas TX
Dr. Richard Trejo - El Paso TX
Rick Fryman - Lawrence KA
Jim Schneringer - Dallas TX
Mary Wykes - Grand Prairie TX
Tom McMasters - San Antonio TX
Lillian Standfield - Elk City OK (winner)

Sunday May27

Gregg Gorman - Houston TX (winner)
Brian Cutean - Austin TX
Marsha Webb-Scrimm - Denton TX
John Gorka - Easton PA (winner)
Connie Lockhart & Jim David - Amarillo TX
Charles Kirkley - Austin TX
Debbie Brown - Dallas TX
Nick Garrett - Waco TX
Gene Keller - El Paso TX
Linda Lowe - Little Rock AR (winner)
Luke Reed - Duncan OK
Randy Mattsen - Jonestown TX
Sue Young - Albuquerque NM
Jim Jones - Dallas TX
Scott Duncan - San Antonio TX
Chris Huff - Austin TX
Bow Brannon - Groves TX
Jim Young - Colorado Springs CO
Mary Brooks - San Antonio TX
Randy Fox - Amarillo TX

Judges: Steve Gillette, Dee Moeller, Caryl P. Weiss
(Shake Russell was listed on the program, but Caryl replaced him)

1984 New Folk winner Lu Mitchell (seated, left) warming up with finalists Rhonda Ramirez and Jim Schneringer
(Photo courtesy of Jim Schneringer)

Saturday May 28

Jim Dobie - Austin TX
Mikki Marsh - Amarillo TX
Randall Smith - Dallas TX
Marilyn Cain - Austin TX
John Daly Jr - Albuquerque NM
David Young - Austin TX
Alex Abravanel - San Antonio TX (winner)
Janet Bellingham - Austin TX
Mark Graham - Denton TX
Joseph Brunelle - New Braunfels TX
Sue Young - Albuquerque NM
John Ireland McAshen - Austin TX
Buddy Sims - Austin TX (winner)
Jan Marra - Minneapolis MN (winner)
Ronnie Jackon - Austin TX
Gene Keller - El Paso TX
Richard Patureau - Austin TX
Lucille Mitchell - Dallas TX
Jim Martin - Austin TX
Charlie Venable and Pete Rose - San Antonio TX

Sunday May 29

Rick Stockton - San Antonio TX
J. Murray Owen - Austin TX
Brad Carter - Lubbock TX
Candice Howes - Austin TX
Cris Plata - Sun Prairie WI (winner)
Bok Sowell - Laramie WY
Sarah K. Woolridge - Austin TX
David Williams - Sycamore IL
Robert Earl Keen Jr. - Austin TX (winner)
Grady Lee - Wallis TX
Dave Scheidel - Austin TX
Kat Graham - Houston TX
Michael Tomlinson - Seatle WA (winner)
Jerry Stevens - Austin TX
Dee Finn - Fort Worth TX
Steve Chandler - Fresno CA
Darden Smith - Kingwood TX
N.Herr - Austin TX
Andy Wilkinson - Lubbock TX
Chris Huff - Austin TX

Judges: Eliza Gylkison, Tim Henderson and Nanci Griffith

Saturday, May 29

Bill Clint - Austin TX
Alex Abravanel - San Antonio TX
Emily Kaitz - Austin TX
Doug Wallace - Monahans TX
Mitchell Phillips - Wichita Falls TX
Buddy Sims - Austin TX (winner)
Terry Proctor - Dallas TX
Liz Lynn Williams - Austin TX (winner)
Kelly Gazzaway - Amarillo TX (winner)
J. W. Weir - Houston TX
Lee Zebert - Austin TX
Catesby Jones - Kingsville TX (winner)
Lisa Williams - Wichita Falls TX
Michael Tomlinson - Austin TX
Charlie Stefl - Bowling Green KY
Harper Black - Kerrville TX
Steve Cearley - Austin TX
Chris Hedges - Dallas TX
Burton Adams - Austin TX
Bill Colbert - Austin TX

Sunday, May 30

Rick Kindrick - San Antonio TX
Jim Dobie - Austin TX
Linda Lowe - Little Rock AR
Dan Forde - Aspen CO
Larry Burnham - Austin TX
David Thorpe - Corpus Christi TX
Jerry McKinney - Austin TX
Iris Harrell - Dallas TX
Bucky Buchanan - Austin TX
Chris Plata - Pine Island MN
Norris Mealer - Amarillo TX (winner)
Lyle Lovett - College Station TX
Debbie Brown - Dallas TX
Bob Campbell - Nashville TN
Scott Duncan - San Antonio TX
Lubbock Johnson - Houston TX (winner)
Larry Williams - Medina TX
Emilie Aronson - Dallas TX (winner)
Lee Van Wagner - Columbus TX
Jay Bird Johnson - Brownsville TX

Judges: Rick Beresford, Fred Carter, Jr., Allen Damron (substituting for Bob Zentz) (see footnote #4 below)

Sunday May 24

David J. Wilson - Dallas TX
Judy Price - Manor TX (winner)
Michael Mandrell - Nacogdoches TX
Jerry Stevens - Austin TX (winner)
Mike Slizewski and Bill Lowe - Cedar City UT
Sherry Hudson - Lubbock TX
E. B. Baker - Fort Worth TX
Paul Hill - Garland TX
Kent Findlay - Martindale TX
Kendall Slayden - Paris TX
Chris Albert - Dallas TX
Tom Ash - San Marcos TX
Chris Kingsley - Austin TX
Ed Hunnicutt - Nashville TN
Jim Montgomery - Dripping Springs TX
Randall S. Smith - Dallas TX
Don Prater and Leah Rummel - Austin TX
Rory McLeod - Cancun Mexico
Michael J. Clarke - Austin TX
Jamie DeFratis - Jacksonville Beach FL (did not appear)

Monday May 25

Jim Newton - Bedford TX
Larry T. Williams - Medina TX
Tom Duplissey - Dallas TX
James Durst - Dallas TX (winner)
Lisa C. Fancher - Austin TX (winner)
Will Smith - Charlottesville VA
Mitchell Phillips and Harvey Toalson - Wichita Falls TX
Eric Madis - Dallas TX
Ezra James - Austin TX
Melissa Javors - San Antonio TX (winner)
James Ash - San Marcos TX
Chuck Pyle - Longmont CO (winner)
Charlie Venable - San Antonio TX
Jack Perry - Terrell TX
Jane Swindler - Dallas TX
Hale and Sarow - Denver CO (did not appear)
Bill Colbert - Austin TX
George Allen Hermes - Wimberly TX
Alan Steele - Greensboro NC (did not appear)
Frank Mazzetti - New York NY

Judges: Bill Hearne, John Ims and Butch Hancock
(we don't have the official record, but Chuck Pyle and Lisa Fancher discussed it and agreed these were the judges! ;-)

Saturday May 24

Jim Love - Dallas TX
Danny McCarthy - Kerrville TX
Lizabeth Williams - Georgetown TX (winner)
Randall S. Smith - Dallas TX
Charlie Venable - San Antonio TX
Cordy Lou Lavery - Austin TX
Dave Scheidel - Austin TX
Brad Morgan - Dallas TX
David Wright - San Marcos TX
Peter Thorpe - Austin TX
George Allen Hermes - South Padre Island TX
Ed Hunnicutt - Austin TX
Connie Taylor - Austin TX
Baxter Taylor - Plano TX
Gordee Hendlee - El Paso TX
Dow Patterson - San Antonio TX (winner)
Jean Kilborn - Houston TX
Jim Henderson - Wimberly TX
Roger Harris - Houston TX
Jim Martin - Austin TX

Sunday May 25

Lee Ferris - Plano TX
Sid Hausman - Tesuque NM
Marie Gabrielle - San Francisco CA
Brian Paul Cutean - Austin TX
George Russell - Minneapolis MN
Brad Seymour - Lubbock TX
Jan Marra - Minneapolis MN (winner)
Duane Carr - Pinon NM
Larry Boerder & Bruce Maness - Austin TX
Ed Beaver - Dallas TX
David Leslie - Houston TX
Robb Moorman - San Antonio TX
Sherry Jackson - Plano TX
Lyle Lovett - College Station TX
Allen Ross - Dallas TX (winner)
Iris F. Harrell - Dallas TX (winner)
David Halley - Lubbock TX (winner)
James Durst - Northbrook IL
Jamie DeFratis - Jackson Beach, FL
Charles Reagan - Austin TX

Judges: Guy Clark, Bob Gibson, Terry Waldo

Saturday May 26

Cordy Lavery - Austin TX (winner)
Joseph Brunelle - Midland TX (winner)
Jon Deichmann - Austin TX
Sam Hill - Slaton TX
Christine Solinski - Austin TX
Summers Brothers - Grand Prairie TX
Binker D. - Austin TX
Liz Gunter - San Angelo TX
Lou Stanfield - El Paso TX
Rod Conerly - San Antonio TX
Gene Keller - El Paso TX
James Hudson - Houston TX
James Martin - Austin TX
Paul Hill - Garland TX
Tish Hinojosa - San Antonio TX (winner)
Bill Oliver - Austin TX (winner)
Gordy Headlee - Johnson City TX
Katherine Dines - Denver CO
Bill Wilson - Bloomington IN
John Paul Walters - San Antonio TX (winner)

Sunday May 27

Steve Abbott - Port Isabelle TX
Robert G. Ogle - Austin TX
(Note: The above entrant's name was misspelled in the program as Ogk. He is now performing in Austin as Bob Rose)
Jana Oliver - Lubbock TX
Colin Kennedy Jr. - Houston TX
Lisa McFarland - Houston TX
Allen Ross - Carthage MO
Jon Ims - Denver CO (winner)
Carrie Williams - Austin TX
Sam Thompson - Iowa City IA
Larry T. Williams - Ft. Worth TX
David Schwope - Port Isabelle TX
Fred Argir - Austin TX (now known as Fredy Argir)
Will James Rager - Zachary LA
Duane Carr - El Paso TX
Jill Fuller - Austin TX
David House - Lubbock TX
John Reed - Austin TX
Chris Muller - Houston TX
Ken Jenkins - Houston TX
Sammy Miller - Nashville TN

Judges: Milton Carroll, Peter Rowan, B. W. Stephenson

Saturday May 27

John Reed - Austin TX
Steve Sajich - Denver CO (winner)
Gary Wilcox - Austin TX
Stephen Sedberry - Boston MA
Chuck Brandt - Austin TX
Mitch Mosley & Dann Wieland - El Paso TX
Holly Blue - Houston TX
Melvin Potter - McAllen TX
Naomi Shihab - San Antonio TX
Tim Henderson - Austin TX
Larry Williams - Ft. Worth TX
Gregg Kessel - Austin TX
Lisa McFarland - Houston TX
Tydus Alley - Austin TX
Adrienne Yank - Longmont CO
Jubal Clark - Austin TX
Cindy Scott - Austin TX
Jon Ims - Denver CO
Nanci Griffith - Austin TX
Steve Earle - Wimberly TX (listed on program as Stephen Earle)

Sunday May 28

Bob Henrich - Del Rio TX
Christine Solinski - Austin TX
David R. Head - San Antonio TX
Katherine Dines - Denver CO
Mike Shea - Austin TX
Bruce McAlheney - Houston TX
Leah Rummel - Austin TX
Summers Brothers - Grand Prairie TX
Louis Real - Kerrville TX (winner)
Pettigrew & Blanchard - Dallas TX (winner)
Jill Fuller - Austin TX
Tom Wood - Ft. Worth TX
Jessica Bryan - Austin TX (winner)
Sam Thompson - Oakdale IA
Joseph Brunelle - Midland TX
Lindsay Haisley - Austin TX (winner)
Kitty Appling - Comfort TX
Mitch Phillips - Wichita Falls TX
Vince Bell - Austin TX (winner)
Randy House - Austin TX

Judges: Steve Fromholz, Gary P. Nunn, Don Sanders

Friday May 27

Bill Oliver - Austin TX
Tom Ward - Fort Worth TX
Earl Beaty - Austin TX
Shelley McIntyre - Houston TX (winner)
Lynn Dowd - Dallas TX
Janet Bratter - Austin TX
Reb Smith - Houston TX
Jennifer Hardesty - Austin TX
Will Walker - Lafayette LA
Michael Mathis - Hearne TX
Jubal Clark - Austin TX (winner)
Buddy Day - Colorado Springs CO
Naomi Shihab - San Antonio TX
George Allen Hermes - Wimberly TX
George Ensle - Austin TX (winner)
Bill Cade - Houston TX
Suze Raff - Austin TX
Skip Press - Hollywood CA
Eric Taylor - Houston TX (winner)
Cindy Scott - Austin TX

Saturday May 28

Carl Hutchens - Austin TX
Mitch Mosley - El Paso TX
Lindsay Haisley - Austin TX
Mary Hester Kinard - Round Rock TX
Lee Turner - Kerrville TX
Doak Sneed - Austin TX
Stephen Jarrard - Houston TX
Patti Ricker - Austin TX
Phil Booth - Dallas TX
Tim Henderson - Austin TX (winner)
Fred Schmitt - Green Bay WI
Leah Rummel - Austin TX
Dino Arthur - Denver CO
Binker D. - Austin TX
C. Muller - Houston TX
Ed Barnes - New York NY
Jerry Johnston - Austin TX
Rick Beresford - San Antonio TX (winner)
Jessica Bryan - Austin TX
Max Evers - Leander TX

Judges: Townes Van Zandt, Steve Young and Bobby Bridger

(six winners now confirmed)

Friday May 28

Frank Zigal - Austin TX
Jim Kirkendall - Houston TX
Bruce D. McElheny - Fayetteville AR
Joan Lambert - San Antonio TX (winner)
Kerry Vance - Lewisville TX
Kirk Kirkney - Austin TX
Michael Mathis - Hearne TX (winner)
Charlie McDonald - El Paso TX
Lennis and Frank Sumners - Grand Prairie TX
Katherine Dines - Denver CO (winner)
Bob Long - Austin TX
Keith Allen - Brownwood TX
Stephen Jarrard - Houston TX
Dani Lee DeVere - Austin TX
Bobby James Bourgoin - Nashville TN
Pat Mears - Austin TX
Graham Warwick - Lubbock TX
Tim Kerr - Lake Jackson TX
Mike Parker - Houston TX
Bruce Barrett - Austin TX

Saturday May 29

Carl Hutchins - Austin TX
Chuck Seeley - Spring TX
Christine Solinski - Austin TX
Dusty Foster - San Antonio TX
Dana Stokes - Wake Village TX
Max Evers - Austin TX
Toby Serkin - Daytona Beach FL
Danny Everitt - Victoria TX (winner)
John Garza - Austin TX (winner)
Noel Eskew - Leander TX
Bill Oliver - Austin TX
Medlal and McClintock - Houston TX
James Michael Taylor - Mansfield TX
Joshua David Whitmore - Nashville TN
Shug Mauldin - Dallas TX (winner)
Ron Rogers - Austin TX
Bruce Bell - Arlington TX
Nancy Snow - Wichita Falls TX
Buddy Day - Colorado Springs CO
Alan Campbell - Lubbock TX

Judges: Carolyn Hester, Charles John Quarto and David Amram
Peter Yarrow was the Host and Emcee
(see footnote #10 below)

This picture was provided by David Amram. Between Hondo and David are Karen Brooks and Bobby Bridger.

(see notes)

Friday May 23

Rich Minus - Austin TX
Robert Longleaf - Austin TX
Mike Parker - Houston TX
Patricia Hardin - Austin TX (Winner) see footnote #11 below
Rick Dinsmore - Houston TX (Winner)
Ann Gates - Austin TX
Paul Colbert - Austin TX
Hank Riddle - Mineola TX
Charles F. Holman - Austin TX
Patti and Rod Radle - San Antonio TX
Chuck Brandt - Austin TX
Steve Kirkindall - Austin TX
Richard Mason - Austin TX
Lucinda - Austin TX Williams? see footnote #9 below
Skip Press - Los Angeles CA
Tom Russell - Austin TX (Winner)
Robert Zamora - San Antonio TX
Danny Everitt - Victoria TX
Rainey Day Store - Austin TX
David Ruthstrom - Lubbock TX

Saturday May 24

Andre Mathews - Houston TX
Eddie McMeans - Austin TX
Cheryl DuCoin - Houston TX
Joe Mike Taylor - Austin TX
Bruce Barrett - San Marcos - TX
Lee Mounger - Austin TX
Alan R. Campbell - Lubbock TX
Walter Vaughn - Dallas TX
Barbara Ann Taylor - Mansfield TX
Bill Haymes - Little Rock AR (Winner)
John Garza - Austin TX
Noel Eskew - Austin TX
Nigel Russell - Petersboro Ontario, Canada
Dennis and Frank Summers - Grand Prairie TX
Mark David McKinnon - Nashville TN (Winner)
Shane and Kitty Appling - Austin TX (Winner?) see footnote #12 below
Frank Muse - Dallas TX
Mike Lavine - Ruidoso NM
Hank Riddle - Mineola TX
Elizabeth Barraclough - Albuquerque NM

Judges: unknown
Townes Van Zandt may have been one of the judges according to Patricia Hardin and Paul Colbert recalls that Carolyn Hester and Mike Seeger were two of the judges. This was the first year that New Folk became a contest and had judges.


No Winners and No Judges from 1972-1974 according to Paul Colbert. Those flagged as winners are based on some of the performers recollections. After this many years, we are bound to have some slightly different recollections - (see notes below for those recollections) In 1974 there were a bunch of finalists. From the photostated copy of the lineup from Rod's files, it looks like 18 per day for three days! Thanks to Doug Gittings (now "Gittins") for sending the above copy of the New Folk Page from his program. From it I was able to correct some misspelled names, as well as add some documentation. The actual line-up may be closer to Rod's copy, but this is definitely a worthy addition to the history page. In retrospect, Rod's copy may have been a work in progress, since some were noted as no shows and were not listed in the program, but it looks like he continued to add information up to and possibly including the dates of the performances. As you can see the New Folk performances were held in town at the fair. A waiting list was evidently used in the event of a no show. The info from the hand written copy of the lineup included some notes and the waiting list, which are also recorded here.

Friday May 24

Turtle Creek - Austin TX
David Bailey - Dallas TX
Janis Hooker - Austin TX
Kent Black - Lockhart TX
Lynn Langham - Austin TX
Jim Ritchie - Austin TX
Debby Dawn Tenney - Dallas TX
James Michael Taylor - Garland TX
Eddie McMeans - Austin TX
Jack Knight - Dallas TX
Ollie Lane and The Take It From The Top Boys - Austin TX
Doug Gittings - Austin TX (now known as Doug Gittins)
Steve Raigel - Lubbock TX
Gary Parker - Houston TX
Ginger Cain - Austin TX
Frank Muse - Tyler/Austin TX
Gosney Thornton - Big Lake TX (winner?)
Denim - Austin TX
Waiting List: Cameric, Noel Eskew, and Laurel Green

Saturday May 25

Allen Martin - Austin TX
Ann Gates - Austin TX
Ron Young - San Antonio TX
Dave Quinn and Dan Ryan - San Antonio TX
Reggie Saloom - Nashville TN (did not appear)
Lucinda Williams - New Orleans LA (listed on the waiting list too!)
Richard Mason - Austin TX (instr)
Rick Stein - Austin TX (winner?)
Patti and Rod Radle - San Antonio TX
Daniel Bredehurst - Ann Arbor MI
Bryce Milligan - Denton TX
A. G. Davis - Garland TX (duo or trio)
Joe Mike Taylor - Austin TX
Shane and Kitty Appling - Austin TX
George Ensle - Houston TX
David Ruthstrom - Lubbock TX (with Gene Meddlan?)
Carole Collins-Baer - Houston TX and Tom Wescoat - Atlanta GA
Richard Minus - Austin TX
Silver City Saddle Tramps - Austin TX (cancelled)
Bill and Lucille Cade (see footnote #8 below)
Waiting List: Richard Chase - Austin TX

Monday May 27

Vince Bell - Houston TX
Debbie Saunders - Austin TX
George Fillingham - San Antonio TX
Harvest - Kerrville TX
Ron Sowell - Cincinnati OH
Cindy Scott - Austin TX
H. Riddle - Mineola TX (not on program)
Paul Colbert - Austin TX (not on program)
Lou-Ray - Austin TX (winner?) (Jimmy Ray Harrell and Christene (Christy Lou) Calhoun (not on program)
Skip Press - Austin TX
Don Yarbro - Austin TX
Elizabeth Barraclough - Albuquerque NM
Rex T. Sherry - Austin TX
Robby Robinson - Austin TX
James Preston - Austin (from the waiting list)
T & M Express (Tim York & Michael Hawthorne) - Ohio (originally listed as Columbus TX and not on program) (see footnote #7 below)
Tom Baker - Austin TX
Sam Tune and The Cowboy Band - Dallas TX


No Winners and No Judges from 1972-1974 according to Paul Colbert. Those flagged as winners are based on some of the performers recollections. After this many years, we are bound to have some slightly different recollections - (see notes below for those recollections)
This info is from a hand written copy of the lineup, which included some notes, which are also included here.

Friday May 25

Bill Oliver - Austin TX
Bill Sparks - Austin TX
Karen Hinson Oznick - Austin TX
Gordon Henry Barth - Lubbock TX (see footnote #13 below)
Plum Nelly with Bill Stoner, Ernie Gammage, Benny Thurman, & Jerrie Jo Jones - Austin TX (winner?) see footnote #14 below
Bob Sturtevant - Austin TX
Candice Owens - Austin TX
Jim Lacey and Donn Dunnigan - Corpus Christi TX
Virgin Insanity and Bob Long - Austin TX
Dave Quinn - San Antonio TX
Roger Bartlett and Bill Callery - Austin TX (scratched out)
Courtney Campbell - Den??? (the rest is missing on my copy)
Doug Gittings - Austin TX (now known as Gittins)
Angel Fire - Ker???? (the rest is missing on my copy - maybe Kerville? Kermit?) (scratched out)
Kathy Kahn - Austin TX
John Finnegan III - Austin TX
Alias and Bill Davidson - Austin TX (scratched out)
Jerry McKimmey - Austin TX
Janie Francis - (added on to the list and no city was listed)
Bill Priest - (added on to the list and no city was listed)
Harry Buckholts - (added on to the list and no city was listed)

Saturday May 26

Mark Gottschall - Austin TX
Carol Collins Baer - Houston TX
Jim Ritchey - Austin TX
Tony Ullrich - Houston TX (scratched out)
Caroline White - Austin TX
Mac Truck Amateur Night - Austin TX see footnote #6 below
Michele Murphy - Liberty ? (the rest is missing on my copy)
Neely - Kirbo - Austin TX
Ron Turner - Batem???? (Bateman AZ? the rest is missing on my copy)
Lynn Langham - Austin TX
Rainbow Road - Dallas TX (Ted Jordan's name was scratched out)
Backwoods Volunteers - San Antonio TX
Waiting List: Hugh Moffatt, Bill Joor, Tim York


(see notes)
(No Official Winner - see the following note)
Much of this info is also from a hand written copy of the lineup, which included some notes, which are also included here. Evidently the New Folk Concert was spread out over a number of days. The date of appearance is noted on each entry. The hometown of each finalist is missing on some entries but a zip code is given instead. The handwriting is not as easy to read as 1973 and 1974 so there are some question marks included when I was in doubt. We owe a "thank you" to Tom Cantrell and Kurt Van Sickle who were there and furnished the following information (paraphrased and combined from both):
"Allen Damron and Peter Yarrow served as emcees. It was not a competition in 1972, just a "New Folk Concert", but some would say the Flatlanders were winners since they were added to the mainstage lineup that night as a result of their performance!"
Since this was the very first festival, and the very first New Folk Concert, I think it deserves some further discussion before we get to the list of performers. Kurt Van Sickle submitted the following and I think it deserves publication with only slight editorial modifications. This is important and of historical significance!!

Kurt: "I have fairly clear memories of the event because, among other things, it was my first gig. Bobby Bridger and the Flatlanders were probably the best two acts I heard. The stage was in the Kerrville city park, and there was a certain amount of excitement because an event like this had never happened in Kerrville. The crowd was maybe 300+..not sure. I knew Allen Damron from 10 years before in Washington DC, and he was very friendly. I think he played a song or two. When Rod Kennedy decided to produce the first KFF, the word went out in the head shops, clubs, music stores and food co-ops in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, which resulted in lots of younger folkies having a beautiful opportunity to meet and interact with well known artists like Peter Yarrow, Carolyn Hester, Damron, Mance Lipscomb and obviously many others... people who were successful and supportive. So from the very beginning, Rod accomplished his goals of giving song writers an opportunity to grow and share their talents with others."

"Making the first New Folk concert non-competitive was a good idea. Immediately it became so popular that getting selected was perhaps the primary competition, and getting invited to perform as a main stage performer was the ultimate goal. I played the festival from 1976 to maybe 1992, and joked that if I submitted anonymously to the New Folk, I probably would not be chosen."

"Anyway, it was a hot afternoon in 1972. Each performer played two songs. Several of the New Folkies were working staff at the festival, and a number of us were invited to slip in to the evening concert at the Kerrville City Auditorium. I watched all of the concert from back stage with my new friend Glenn Myers. When Mance went on, Damron said to Rod that he was very concerned that Mance's set would last too long because he was used to playing for hours at a time. They were trying to figure a way of getting Mance to stop after 45 minutes."

"Oh... Riley Osborne may have been from Fredericksburg in 1972, but he spent most of his time in Austin and that is how I would list him."
(so noted - doug)

Thank you Kurt! And now on with the list:

Drew Thomas - 78701 - 5/10
Glenn Myers and J. L. Quelch - 78741 - 5/11
Bobby Bridger - 78704 - 5/12
Karen Hinson Oznick - Dallas TX - 5/13
Virgin Insanity with Bob and Eve Long - (no zip) 5/13
Joseph Dawkins and Robert Olson - 78745 - 5/15
Carlton S. White - Kerrville TX - 5/17
Trilogy (Skip Sevier, Bill T. John and Tom Cantrell) - Austin TX -5/18

Trilogy on the way to Nashville after New Folk
Left to Right: Skip Sevier, Tom Cantrell, Bill John

Ribbon with Sally Mitchell and Judy Caldwell - San Francisco CA - 5/19
Bill Priest - Livingston MT - 5/19 (met in Tyler with Peter)
Sunny Schulman - San Antonio TX - 5/19
Vernon Doller Jr. - Austin TX - 5/22
Doug ??? - Georgetown TX - 5/22 (scratched out and the last name is illegible)
Carol Kopland - San Antonio TX - 5/22
Richard Gainer - Austin TX - 5/22
Pat McAfee - El Paso TX - 5/23 (did not appear)
Friends with Sharron Riddely, Jerry McKimmy and Tim Byrne - Austin TX - 5/23 (scratched out)
Kurt Van Sickle - 78703 - 5/23
David Fox - Nixon TX - 5/26
Linda Lovell - Waring TX - 5/26
Brown and Paul with Curly Brown - Austin TX - 5/26 (scratched out)
Riley Osborne - Austin TX (no date listed)
Greazy Wheels (no hometown listed, no date listed)
Chuck Christopher (no hometown listed, no date listed)
Bill Oliver (no hometown listed, probably Austin TX, no date listed)
NOTE: Kurt Van Sickle recalls that Bill Oliver performed with Glenn Myers and J. L. Quelch as a group called the Mac (or Mack?) Truck Amateur Night. They are listed as playing New Folk in 1973. Some confusion may exist since Bill is listed separately, both here in 1972 and in 1973. Maybe they sat in with each other?
Flatlanders - (no hometown listed, but it must have been Lubbock TX - no date listed)
NOTE: The Flatlanders just showed up. They did not apply or submit their group for the concert. After a short discussion, they were added to the show. Some would say they were the Winner since they were added to the mainstage lineup that night as a result of their performance! Perhaps this set a precedent for inviting "winners" to the main stage in the following years?


This is from Paul Colbert concerning 1972-1974:
"The reason you don't have New Folk winners for those years is because it wasn't a contest. I sang in 1974 (as Rod's notes indicate) when we were on a little stage at the Arts and Crafts Festival and there was no discussion of judging, winning or anything like a contest. The "contest" was getting selected to perform. It was just a showcase of emerging performers. The first New Folk as a contest was in 1975, when I also sang. I know for sure that two of the judges that year were Carolyn Hester and Mike Seeger -- I'll try to remember who the third one was."

Someone sent me some info that says Eric Taylor was a winner in 1974, and that Rick Beresford also was a finalist in that same year and may have been a winner. Now that I have the NFF lists for all those early years, it appears that the information was incorrect. Neither of them is listed as a finalist in any year prior to 1977 (which is the year they both won).

Jimmy Ray Harrell contacted me and supplied a list of some 1974 winners in addition to Lou-Ray (Jimmy Ray was 1/2 of the duo "Lou-Ray"). Those winners were noted with a question mark, since it was a recollection rather than a concrete memory. He and Christy Lou appeared on main stage the following year (1975) and those he noted as possible winners also appeared on the main stage that year as well. He also mentioned Plum Nelly as a possible winner in 1974 for that same reason, but that name does not appear on the 1974 finalist list. It does, however, appear on the 1973 finalist list and Plum Nelly has been suggested as a winner that year. On a sad note, Christy Lou was killed in an motor cycle accident in 1977. Jimmy Ray continues to play and perform in west Texas. He lives in Ft. Davis.

Where winners were certain they have been noted, where they are in doubt or uncertain, that fact has also been noted with an additional question mark. Any help in filling in data on winners and judges would be appreciated!

Click here for a summary of info still needed.

1972 through 1976 Finalist Lists were found in the KFF office. The above entries reflect the author's best effort at decoding the information. Some of the original notes are hand-written and the format is not consistent. The winners from 1975 and 1976 were not included in the info given me. I don't know if they were noted elsewhere in the file or not, but needless to say, the names of the winners are still being actively researched. Any info on the winners for this time period will be greatly appreciated, along with corrections and clarifications.

There were lots of opportunities for errors both in entering this data, as well as propagating errors found in the programs and notes (not to mention, fading memories). Some errors found in the programs and notes have been corrected, or noted if in doubt, but other errors will surely be found. Please advise if they are. Many have already been corrected after the initial posting, thanks to your input.

The Seven Club

In 2006, on June 1st, on the Threadgill Stage, at the NEW Threadgill Theater, the "New Folk Club Seven" Sundown Concert was held, thus officially recognizing for the first time the existence of the unofficial club whose membership is comprised of all those who tied for 7th through the years. Mike Williams emceed and was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition with the support of Dalis Allen. I was honored to have been among the 25 Finalists who were present at the festival and signed up to perform, and extremely fortunate to draw the final time slot (so that I had so many great opening acts ;-) Most people I have talked with hope that this will be a yearly Sundown Concert... we'll see how that goes. Here is a snapshot of the list showing who performed and of the Club Seven T-shirt given to us by Tom Frost. I have found that there were a number of Seven Club members who were on the ranch and didn't sign up. I hope to soon have more info posted (names of the members of the stage band, etc.)

Please contact Doug Coppock (doug@dougcoppock.com) with any corrections or additions.

If you have programs for any of the early years (72-76) and don't want to go to the trouble of typing them in, or don't have access to a scanner, please let me know.

Links have been added for many of the finalists if they were provided to me. If any of the links are bad, or there is no link, and you are a finalist (or friend/fan) and want to send me the link to the finalist's home page (or correct one), please do so. I have added a few earlier ones that came to mind or that people have supplied or requested.

Footnotes on specific items

(1) 2001 - Karen Mal was listed in the 2001 program as Karin [sic] Irwin

(2) 1990 - Fred Small resigned from New Folk and was booked for the mainstage the following year. Allen Damron, one of the KFF board members and New Folk Emcees had recorded Fred's song "Heart of the Appaloosa" --- It was widely felt that Fred was not "emerging" talent.

(3) 1987 Kathy Korniloff was listed on the program, but according to a reliable source, Laurie Freelove was the songwriter of the entered songs. They both were members of a group called Two Nice Girls along with Gretchen Phillips. They all three played on stage and the finalist (and winner) was officially listed as Laurie Freelove.

(4) Alex Abravanel who was a finalist in 1982 (and a winner in 1983) recalls that Allen Damron was one of the judges. The three originally listed were taken from the program listing. Kelly Gazzaway who was a winner in 1982 additionally remembered that it was Zentz who Damron subbed for..... but Norris Mealer, who was one of the winners in 1982, wonders if we are certain that it was Allen Damron subbing for Bob Zentz. He thought Fred Carter showed up late and they asked Steve Fromholz to fill in for him. He also remembers that Fred Carter (after arriving late) was really impressed with his buddy Michael Tomlinson and went on to try and get Michael a label deal in Nashville but doesn't think Fred actually took part in the judging. He's pretty sure it was Steve Fromholz. If anyone out there has further clarification on this one, let me know... thanks!

(5) Marianne Osiel was unable to perform in 1996 New Folk due to a death in the family, but made it to the Mainstage in 1998 and 1999. She still "out there" playing and often performs as a "sideman" with Nanci Griffith when Nanci plays in New York area!

(6) Mac (or Mack?)Truck Amateur Night is actually Glenn Myers and J. L. Quelch who played the New Folk Concert in 1972 (with Bill Oliver) as well. Glenn later performed as Glen Alyn.

(7) Michael Hawthorne of T & M Express contacted me and didn't recall whether they won or not, and could not confirm any info on other winners, but recalled specifically that after KFF '74 Rod announced at a club in Austin that they would be appearing on the mainstage in 1975. Thereafter they played many benefits to raise money for the festival, which facilitated the purchase of the Quiet Valley Ranch. (additional info from Tim York and a little more background on T & M Express) Tim York, co-founder of T & M Express, attended festivals from 1972 though 1976 and had assisted on a couple of KFF "On the Road" events before being selected to be on staff for the '74 Festival by Rod Kennedy. The group formed in the interim and Rod included Michael to the staff where the two worked the parking lots and other staff duties that season. Tim (agreeing with Michael) does not recall the group to be a winner that year, as he believes the winner appeared on the main stage one evening to perform a song. He believes Rod, Carolyn Hester, Allen Damron and perhaps Rev. Charlie Sumners could have been among the judges. After the festival, a group of staff and players convened at a club back in Austin for a little celebration and music. Rod did indeed announce at that time that T & M would perform on the mainstage for the 1975 Kerrville Folk Festival. The group was also included on the bill with many others for several concerts produced by Rod to raise funds for the ranch and KFF. The group was based out of Columbus, Ohio during these years, though Tim and Mike met in San Antonio and are originally from Texas.

(8) Bill and Lucille originally were flagged as "no confirmation yet". I've heard from Lucille and here's the rest of the story: Their baby daughter Colleen was born on March 27th and Bill and Lucille DID perform with their daughter in a crib beside them on May 27th. Colleen had a magical voice and she grew up to sing with her dad, Bill Cade. They made a CD and released it at Anderson Fair in Houston, New Years Eve 2002. Colleen died in a car wreck on the way home from the release of that first CD. Please see: http://nativetexas.com/_memorium/colleen/colleen.html (A beautiful memorial web site for Colleen)

(9) Doug Gittings, who was a finalist in 1973 and 1974, tells me that: In the fall of 1974 he drove to his native state of Missouri for Thanksgiving and Lucinda accompanied him on the trip to visit her father, Miller Williams in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Doug also supplied me with an image seen above of the New Folk line-up from the program, as well as the cover page also shown above.

(10) There was a conflict in our collective memories as to who were judges for this year (1976). I've heard from David Amram, who confirms that the judges as listed above are correct, but for the sake of completeness, I should mention that John Garza felt certain that Peter Yarrow was also a judge, but as detailed at the end of this note, Katherine Dines confirms that Peter was the host and emcee. David Amram also recalls that Peter was the host, but not a judge. Mike Mathis recalls that the judges list also included Jubal Clark. According to Amram, Jubal was not a judge, but was there and performed a great version of "The Dying Cowboy". Mike Mathis also helped us by naming some of the winners for certain. He recalled that Jubal may have been listed as a judge because he was a last minute replacement for Townes Van Zandt who was supposed to be a judge but was missing in action. Apparently that may have been some other year. I won't try to sort all that out, but I tend to trust Amram's account. Mike recalled that the judges sat on hay bales on the stage which turned out to be infested with chiggers! David Amram confirms this bit of trivia and says that "We all got Chiggers!" - Dani Lee DeVere mentions that there was an honorable mention given in 1976 and she was the recipient and came in 7th. I should mention that it has become a tradition that everyone who was not one of the six winners in recent years is considered to have been in a tie with the other Finalists for 7th place. I've also received information that John Garza has been involved in a project to put up a web page on a record put out by Mike Williams featuring New Folk Finalists from 1976 including John Garza, Frank Zigal and Will Walker called the BF Deal Sampler Vol. 1. - Nanci Griffith (New Folk Finalist in 1978) was also included on the record. The songs from the album are available on this site: bfdealsampler.com - the website doesn't mention the date, but I figure it must have been within a year or two of the 1976 KFF.
As of March 14th 2016, I have heard from Katherine Dines who confirmed that she was the missing sixth winner in 1976, and also that the judges listed were correct. She recalls that Peter Yarrow spent time talking to her, and may have also talked to some other finalists, giving them the feeling in their memories that he may have been a judge, but I consider Katherine's input to confirm David Amram's recollection as to the list of judges. (Thanks Katherine!)

(11) Patricia Hardin and Tom Russell became known as Hardin & Russell and performed at the Kerrville Folk Festival in '76 and '77. Patricia is now known professionally as Patricia M. Long. She now is a composer of classical orchestral and vocal music (although she still writes songs)

(12) Patricia Hardin recalls that Shane and Kitty Appling also won in 1975, but since she used the words "seem to recall" I'll resort to a question mark and a footnote for now.... ;-)

(13) Gordon Barth had some wonderful recollections of the early years ('72-'74) and they are a little too lengthy to include here. Click here for a page containing some really great information on these early years! (Thanks Gordon!!!!)

(14) Jerrie Jo's ex-husband (Peter Jones) submitted the following info on the group: "Plum Nelly (as best I can recollect) played the folk festival for 3 years. I can confirm their having won in 1973. I was there! The group's members always considered the band to be leaderless. Jerrie Jo started singing at a pizza parlor on the drag in Austin after we married (way too young!). It was there that Bill, Ernie, and Benny were drinking one night and heard Jerrie Jo singing and invited her to play with them. At that time, they were forming and had not played live anywhere. That is how Plum Nelly started in 1972. Plum Nelly played many venues including Eddie Wilson's Armadillo and after they morphed into Mother of Pearl played the likes of Austin City Limits in the late 70's. Eddie Wilson's mom and dad owned 5 houses in Austin. I lived in the house at 405 W 35th street. I let his brother crash in the garage apartment in my back yard. My wife, Jerrie Jo, worked in Eddie's mother's day-care when she was in high school. So we were friends when all that went down."

Info still needed

Judges for 1981
Judges for 1975

In summary, I'm currently missing only 2 years for judges. According to Paul Colbert, there were no named winners for '72 thru '73 and '74. According to Gordon Barth's recollections (1973 New Folk), some of the participants were invited to perform at the auditorium on the evening following the New Folk concert, which at that time was held in the afternoons and there were no official winners/losers. Check out Gordon's recollections here...(oops, I haven't put them up yet ;-)


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