I Can Run

It's a rocky road to the highway
But here I go just walking away
I was hoping you'd see things my way,
But not today,
There ain't no way!

I'm headed out to nowhere
Just running with my head in the wind.
Every time I think I've gotten there
I remember when,
And there you are again!

I can run, but I cannot hide.
Turn around, you're by my side.
Slip away, you pull me back
Like an old freight train, on a one-way track.
What goes around comes back around ,
And that'd be me.

The day is growing darker,
And the chill has turned to cold.
I was gonna beat you in this final hand,
But I'm about to fold,
I'm a sight to behold!

Well, I guess I won the battle,
But it's a war I'll never win,
And anyway it was a silly thing,
I just have to grin,
And there you are again!

Repeat Refrain twice

Words and Music © by Dan Clanton